Frequently Asked Questions

How the operating of PlutoF cloud and the keeping of data is being guaranteed?

The Estonian research infrastructures roadmap NATARC ( is responsible for developing and operating of PlutoF cloud. The software is being developed by the research group for biodiversity informatics and digital archives in University of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanic Garden (contact via The servers hosting PlutoF cloud reside in the server rooms of the University of Tartu, and are maintained by the university IT department. Backing up of data is granted by the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

What is the policy of use of the public data?

Data owner has the option to make his/her data publicly available. In this case his/her data may be displayed in all our public web outputs (eBiodiversity et al). Using data in analyses and for other purposes is free then, references however are expected.

Copyrights of the media files (pictures, sounds and video materials added to observations) displayed on these pages belong to the respective owners and/or authors of these files.