Breeding codes

0- species observed during breeding season within the square;
v - species observed in its breeding season in suitable nesting habitat;
l - singing male(s) present, or breeding calls heard in suitable nesting habitat in breeding season;
P - pair observed in suitable nesting habitat in its breeding season;
T - permanent territory presumed through registration of territorial behaviour (song, etc.) on at least two days, a week or more appart, at the same place;
M - courtship or display, including interaction between a male and a female or two males, including courtship feeding or copulation;
K - birds visiting probable nest site;
R - agitated behaviour or anxiety calls of an adult;
H - brood patch on adult female or cloacal protuberance on adult male;
E - nest-building or excavation of nest hole;
HR - distraction display or injury feigning;
KP - used nest or egg shells found (occupied or laid within the period of the survey);
LP - recently fledged young (nidicolous species) or downy young (nidifugous species), including incapable of sustained flight;
VP - adult leaving or entering nest sites in circumstances indicating occupied nest;
VT - adult carying food for young or fecal sac;
MP - nest containing eggs;
PP - nest with young seen or heard.