The nature observation marathon, which takes place every year, invites naturalists to explore the biodiversity in their favorite area. The maraton is following format of BioBlitz - international species recording scheme. In BioBlitz volunteers and researchers will identify as many species of animals, plants and fungi as possible in a given place in a given period of time. BioBlitz usually lasts 24 hours to observe the forms of biodiversity throughout the day. In Estonian nature observation marathon the bioblitz areas are registered all over the country and run by local interest groups or enthusiasts.

Next nature observation marathon takes place on 8.-9. June 2024.
Registering of observation areas will be open in march.

In 2023, 46 observation areas were competing, 7724 observations were reported and more than 900 people all over Estonia were participating in marathon side events.

Nature observation marathon was awarded as best new initiative in 2018 by Estonian Research Council Science Communication Award.


Marathon is organized by (link: text: Unviersity of Tartu Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden, co-organizers Linnuvaatleja and several institutions and volunteers all over Estonia.


Veljo Runnel
project manager
+372 520 6108

Margit Hirv
coordinator of bioblitz areas
523 9736